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4 Reasons Why Compression Garments After Surgery Are Vital for recovery

4 Reasons Why Compression Garments After Surgery Are Vital for recovery

Along with rest and proper nutrition, compression garments are a vital part of the recovery process after cosmetic surgery. Whether you had a tummy tuck or liposuction, your surgeon likely recommended that you wear post-surgical compression garments after your procedure. Here are four reasons why.

1. They Promote Healthy Circulation

In order for your tissues to repair themselves -- and for you to get the end results you're looking for -- you need to make sure that proper circulation is happening. Keeping the blood flowing allows your cells to get what they need to work on repairing the area. Compression garments keep the tissues and muscles in place and facilitate healthy circulation, so your surgeon will likely recommend that you wear them around the clock at first until the initial healing process is well on its way.

2. They Help You Recover Faster

While it may have been an elective procedure, any kind of surgery is a trauma to your body. Your muscles and tissues don't know that you wanted the surgery. They react the same way as if you were injured or had gone through an accident, and this means it can take several weeks for your body to heal completely. Proper use of compression garments can help this process along by supporting and protecting the affected tissues from additional trauma during the recovery period.

3. They Reduce Patient Discomfort

Swelling and fluid retention are a normal part of the post-surgery recovery process, and it's quite common to experience a fair bit of discomfort and difficulty moving in the days and weeks after the procedure. Compression garments apply just the right amount of pressure to combat the swelling and make it easier for you to move around as your body focuses on healing.

4. They Improve Posture and Overall Form

Compression garments may not feel as comfortable as your favorite sweats, but this restrictive nature comes with a purpose. They force your muscles and tissues to take a specific form, and this means you are more likely to have proper posture, which can lead to better post-procedure results.

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