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Cosmetic Surgery and Compression Garments: You can't miss this

Cosmetic Surgery and Compression Garments: You can't miss this

While it may seem like the surgery itself is the most important part of a cosmetic procedure, the recovery phase after someone goes through cosmetic surgery can be just as important and can even affect post-op results. To ensure proper healing and the best results, patients will want to talk to their doctors about how compression garments may be able to help. Here are some common questions and answers to get started.

What Are Compression Garments?

In short, compression garments are designed to put light pressure on the areas of the body that have been treated. This pressure holds the muscles and tissues in the area in place and increases circulation, which speeds healing. These garments are made from specific materials that are strong but also breathable and comfortable so the patient can recover without being bothered by itchy or too-tight clothing. Depending on the type of surgery performed, compression garments like pants, underwear and tights may be recommended.

How Do Compression Garments Help the Healing Process?

The most important thing a compression garment does is help make the patient feel more comfortable. After cosmetic surgery, it's normal to have some pain and swelling, which can make it difficult to move freely. A compression garment helps support all of the tissues around the treated area and facilitates healthy circulation so the patient can move easier and recover faster.

Why Do Surgeons Recommend Specific Compression Garments?

Not all compression garments are created equally. Just like with any other product, there are some that aren't as well made as others. The type of material can make a big difference in patient comfort, and it's important that the optimum level of compression be applied to the area. Too much pressure -- or not enough -- can actually impede the healing process and increase recovery times.

After a cosmetic surgery procedure, the surgeon and post-op care team will likely have a lot of instructions for the patient. While this can seem daunting at first, it's important for the patient to follow all of these directions -- including wearing compression garments -- to ensure quicker healing and the best possible aesthetic results.

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