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Is Compression Safe During Pregnancy? Discover it now

Is Compression Safe During Pregnancy? Discover it now

Since ancient times, women have turned to "belly bands," wraps and other types of support to help with the aches, pains and discomfort of pregnancy. Now, modern medicine supports what those women around the world have always known - that the right kind of support for your changing body not only makes pregnancy more comfortable - it can help your post-pregnancy recovery, too.

How Can Maternity Shapewear Help?

During all phases of your pregnancy, your body undergoes profound changes that affect your muscles, ligaments and joints. Pressure from a growing fetus can cause pain in the back and legs. Abdominal muscles become stretched and weakened. Ligaments in the legs and back become looser, and varicose veins may appear. And if you're pregnant with twins or more, the strain on your body is even greater. Shapewear designed for pregnancy can relieve some of that stress and provide the support you need to feel better and move more comfortably.

Maternity Shapewear Isn't Just for Fashion

Shapewear comes in all forms and functions - but the shapewear designed for pregnant women is quite different from the shaping undergarments that create severe and unnatural body shapes for appearance purposes. "Waist trainers" and other types of tight undergarments that smooth out bulges and wrinkles focus on fashion, not function - and they don't provide the support that maternity shapewear products can.

Is Compression Safe During Pregnancy?

Compression has been used after surgery or injury, or simply to add support for a stressed or strained muscle. Compression garments can help improve circulation and reduce leg and ankle swelling. And the benefits of medical grade compression apply during pregnancy, too.

The severe compression of tight waist trainers may not be appropriate for maternity use, which is why maternity shapewear offers gentle support for areas that need it most - the back, thighs and abdomen. This type of compression garment can reduce the aches of stressed muscles and make it easier to stand, sit and move for longer periods - a major benefit if you're working during pregnancy.

Quality shapewear during pregnancy can also help with some post-pregnancy problems, such as a condition called diastasis recti, in which the large abdominal muscles separate, allowing the abdomen to protrude and sag. Compression garments can also help the body get back in shape by supporting strained muscles and making it easier to exercise.

Maternity Shapewear Combines Style and Function

Maternity shapewear with the look and feel of quality lingerie can also help women feel more positive about their bodies during pregnancy. Well-made shapewear can smooth the body and make clothes fit better, which can subsequently boost self-esteem.

Maternity shapewear from Indigo Garments was designed with both style and comfort in mind - a way to support the body gently through its many changes, while looking and feeling good at the same time.

For centuries, women around the world have known that supporting the body during pregnancy improves circulation, gives overall support, and helps reduce aches and pains. Now, modern medicine is proving them right - and maternity shapewear from Indigo Garments combine the benefits of compression with the look of fashion lingerie for the comfort and style you need, right up to delivery and beyond.

Having three children of my own, plus surgery for a few post-pregnancy problems, inspired me to create compression garments and shapewear lines for use during pregnancy and the recovery period right after birth. Maternity shapewear from Indigo Garments is beautiful and comfortable, and it has been recommended by OB/GYN specialists across the country.