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Garments' medical benefits for post-pregnancy

Garments' medical benefits for post-pregnancy

For many moms, life with a new baby is a busy, joyful time -- but it can also be a time when the body needs a little extra tender loving care.

The period right after giving birth can be filled with fatigue and a long list of aches and pains as the body works to bounce back from the effects of pregnancy and birth. It can take time to get back in shape after pregnancy, but today's post-pregnancy compression garments can create a "mommy makeover" that helps you look better and feel better at the same time.

Why Consider Compression Garments?

During pregnancy, the body goes through powerful changes. Muscle aches, joint pains and a variety of other discomforts occur throughout pregnancy -- and afterward. Extra pregnancy weight can linger, and it can take some time for the abdominal skin and muscles to regain tone.

Compression garments designed just for that post-pregnancy period can help support strained muscles in the back, legs and abdominal area and ease aching joints. Medical-grade compression can also help reduce swelling in the uterus and help loose skin around the belly and hips tighten up. If you've had a C-section, gentle compression can support the incision area and make movement more comfortable. Compression can also help with recovery from diastasis recti -- a condition in which the abdominal muscles separate so that the abdomen can bulge outward.

Compression garments can also help new moms regain confidence and feel better about their bodies. Post-pregnancy compression garments shape and smooth so that clothes fit better -- and they can support good posture too.

They can also make it more comfortable to bend and stretch, which encourages more exercise in the post-pregnancy period.

Compression Garments or Shapewear?

Shapewear - undergarments designed to shape and smooth the body - is a popular fashion accessory for trimming the waist and getting a smoother outline under clothing. But that kind of garment encourages severe figure-shaping and doesn't provide the support and health benefits of post-pregnancy medical-grade compression garments.

Although many women turn to standard shapewear after pregnancy, waist trainers and other types of bodywear aren't designed for new mothers who need joint and muscle support as well as shaping.

Quality post-pregnancy compression garments include a variety of styles for supporting the back, legs and abdominal areas. They offer the medical benefits of gentle compression along with body-flattering smoothing, but they can also boost the spirits with the look of luxury lingerie.

Indigo Garments makes compression garments that blend function with style, so new mothers can recover more quickly and comfortably and feel more positive about their bodies at the same time.

Compression Garments for Comfort and Confidence

I created Indigo Garments after having three children and a series of post-pregnancy issues that required surgery. Our lines of medical-quality maternity shapewear and post-pregnancy compression garments have been recommended by OB/GYNs around the country to help women feel more comfortable and confident during and after pregnancy.

Recovering after pregnancy can take time. But with the help of quality compression garments that deliver medical-grade support along with the smoothing and shaping features of luxury shapewear, frazzled new moms can treat themselves to a quick makeover that's good for the spirit as well as the body.