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The benefits of compression socks for athletic training and recovery

The benefits of compression socks for athletic training and recovery

Edema is a medical term for water retention in the body which can build up in the tissues to cause swelling. This can be painful and can lead to difficulty moving the arm or leg that is suffering from the painful swelling.

This can be due to many reasons, from heart diseases to post-workout swelling and inflammation. After strenuous workouts, many athletes will experience some amount of swelling and pain.

One of the best ways to improve athletic training and recover from intense workouts is to use compression garments.


Benefits of training

According to Scienceforsport, compression garments can improve joint awareness, perfusion, muscle oxygenation and skin temperature.

An interesting added benefit is the decreased feeling of fatigue. Athletes are known to use compression garments to warm their muscles and improve their physical ability. In fact, it was found that Australian rugby players who used compression garments had lower lactate levels in their blood due to increased blood flow caused by wearing the garment.

Improved joint awareness and running economy are also improved with the use of compression garments. A study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine concluded that compression clothing improves factors such as reduced muscle damage, reduced inflammation and increased muscle economy to improve athletic performance.


Benefits of recovery

In addition to the added benefits for training, compression garments help athletes recover after strenuous exercise. Two ways they improve recovery is by clearing anaerobic metabolites and reducing delayed-onset muscle soreness.

Anaerobic metabolites which are produced during intense exercise can be cleared faster due to better muscle perfusion after intensive exercise.

Delayed-onset muscle soreness is also prevented or reduced due to the use of compression garments. Studies have shown that compression garments reduce physical pain post exercise and improve neuromuscular function at a faster rate than in those who didn't use the garments.

Compression garments aren't just for reducing swelling in the legs. They have a wide array of benefits for both athletic performance and post exercise recovery for serious athletes.

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