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The power of compression socks for chronic fatigue

The power of compression socks for chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue can be a problem for a lot of women; long days spent on busy feet can lead to fluid retention, soreness, varicose veins, swelling and much more.
If chronic fatigue goes untreated for too long it can easily lower quality of life and have a number of negative health effects outside of the ones listed.
Because of this, it's important to treat chronic fatigue syndrome quickly, and one of the best ways to manage this issue is with the use of compression garments.


What are compression garments and what do they do?

Compression garments are incredibly useful tools, and have a great number of positive side effects. Some of these effects include increasing blood flow, reducing water retention, lowering swelling in local areas and alleviating pain in the muscles.

These garments can be used to treat all kinds of ailments, and many athletes even use them for extra support and treatment while running, jogging or biking. Common ailments treated by compression socks and garments include lymphedema, varicose veins and chronic fatigue syndrome.

In fact, there are even specially designed varicose vein garments and lymphedema garments to treat these issues.


How do they accomplish this?

Compression socks and stockings are different from normal ones in a variety of ways, ranging from material to their intended purpose.

Normal stockings and garments are meant to shape around your body, providing a relatively small amount of support while still (hopefully) flattering your body type.

However, compression socks and stockings are different. These garments apply pressure to the body in specific ways. In some cases, they even shape your body inside the garment, giving it the support it needs and effectively reducing the strain placed on it throughout the day.

The best compression stockings can lead not only to more shapeliness, but to better circulation and vein health.



All in all, compression socks, stockings and garments are an excellent way to reduce swelling, pain and chronic fatigue in your legs and throughout your body. There are a number of options to browse and choose from, so you can find a garment or type that fits your specific needs and get started on the path towards less pain and more activity.