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Thinking about Cosmetic Surgery?

Thinking about Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic surgery can do wonders for those willing to go under the knife, but it can be a little intimidating. Fortunately, the world of cosmetic surgery is constantly evolving to provide new techniques and procedures designed to meet patient needs.

This post will look at some of the new techniques happening in today's common procedures.


Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian Butt Lift, otherwise called Buttock Augmentation, is a procedure in which fat is removed via liposuction and then reintroduced into new places to give patients a more contoured buttock.

As liposuction procedures become safer, Gluteal Augmentation is likewise becoming a lot more common, especially after Kim Kardashian popularized it in a photo shoot a few years ago. The procedure can even be used to fix smaller imperfections and drooping.

As implants are gradually phased out, the latest method for buttock augmentation involves fat grafting (using your own fat for shaping the buttock). According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), 92 percent of buttock augmentation procedures last year were fat transfers. With celebrities popularizing this procedure these numbers are only likely to increase.

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Gynecomastia, or breast development in males, can be devastating. Standard treatment is either medication or plastic surgery, and the current trend for treatment is a procedure known as endoscopy assisted breast surgery (EABS).

EABS is an alternative to total open wound surgery. It shows promise with minimal post-operative complications and good patient results, which overall indicate that it is a safe, effective way to treat gynecomastia.

This is great news for the many men looking for breast reduction surgeries today. The ASAPS reported that the number male breast reduction surgeries has increased 181 percent since 1997, and is still rising.

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Liposuction is a procedure done under anesthesia in which a certified surgeon removes small amounts of fat from various parts of the body to provide a leaner body type.

Since the past four years this procedure has been ranked as the number one most sought after surgery among both men and women. Last year there were over four hundred thousand procedures in the United States alone.

One traditional technique for liposuction called Laser Assisted Lipolysis (LAL) uses a laser that helps break down fats through a tiny incision. Although LAL has been around for some time, studies maintain that it is safer and more effective than other techniques and can provide a total body transformation or just a light modification.

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