Lara Wells   Founder & CEO Indigo GarmentsIndigo Garments are the finest, handmade, medical grade compression garments available.  I started this company after having three beautiful kiddos and needing corrective abdominal surgery. I needed garments during pregnancy, post pregnancy and post surgery that were comfortable, supportive, functional, luxurious and flattering, and nothing was available.  My passion and work in the fashion industry and personal experience with the recovery process, helped me design quality products that provide support for back pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, heart & vein issues, maternity wear and shapewear for any occasion while maintaining elegance and unsurpassed comfort. Indigo Garments are beautiful and functional. I hope you enjoy the look and feel of your Indigo Garment as I do and thank you for your loyalty. I wish you the very best to live and recover beautifully.

Lara Wells, Founder & CEO