April 2017


The Importance of Compression Post Pregnancy

For most new moms, the days and weeks after giving birth are filled with joy - and exhaustion. However, post-pregnancy can also be a time of pain, fatigue and discomfort as the body works to recover from the effects of pregnancy and birth. For many women, post-pregnancy compression garments can help relieve strain, reduce swelling and make movement easier - and they can also give your self-esteem a boost.

Why Does Compression Help?

During pregnancy, the body undergoes massive changes. Then, after giving birth, new mothers must deal with the effects of those changes. Stretched muscles and ligaments, extra pregnancy weight, and back and leg problems can linger. If you had a Cesarean delivery, then that means even more trauma to the abdominal wall and muscles.

Getting the body back in shape requires a balanced diet and exercise. Fortunately, regularly wearing a post-pregnancy girdle or other kinds of compression garments can speed up healing and make you more comfortable in the weeks and months after delivery.

Compression is used after surgeries of all kinds to encourage circulation and provide support to injured or traumatized areas of the body. After pregnancy, compression can also help the body heal, with benefits such as:

  • Reducing swelling in the uterus
  • Helping loose skin to tighten
  • Reducing strain in legs and thighs
  • Supporting the back and abdominal muscles
  • Making it easier to bend and stretch
  • Supporting C-section incision areas
  • Helping recovery from diastasis recti, or separated abdominal muscles

Compression Garments Aren't the Same as Shapewear

Corsets, "waist trainers" and other kinds of shaping garments have made headlines lately as a way to trim the waist for a slimmer look. But these kinds of garments feature severe and unnatural figure shaping in order to create the tiniest waist possible. That kind of extreme shaping is focused on appearances, not health - and it doesn't provide the type and level of compression that dedicated post-pregnancy compression garments do.

Unlike regular "shapewear," post-pregnancy compression garments are designed with healing in mind. With names like belly binders, abdominal binders and belly bands, these garments offer medical-grade compression that helps the body recover more quickly - inside and out.

Compression garments provide gentle support that helps reduce swelling and eases stress on painful joints and muscles. That makes movement easier, not just for everyday tasks but also for exercise, which supports recovery and also boosts self-esteem.

Compression Has Psychological Benefits, Too

Quality compression garments provide the medical benefits of compression - but they can also have the look and feel of luxury lingerie, so that they encourage recovery in a beautiful, comfortable environment. Indigo Garments offers luxurious compression pieces for use both during pregnancy and after delivery, and can help women recover more quickly and feel more positive about their bodies.

I created Indigo Garments after having three children of my own and needing surgery to correct some of my post-pregnancy issues. Indigo Garments seeks to provide pregnancy support and post-pregnancy pieces that support a gentle, comfortable recovery that's all about healing, not waist training for an hourglass shape.

For centuries, cultures around the world have used post-pregnancy compression techniques to help women heal more quickly and feel better after giving birth. Now, Western culture is finally recognizing the benefits of compression. Compression pieces from companies like Indigo Garments combine beauty and function to make your recovery easier, faster and more comfortable.


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